About Us

Founded with the essayhelp principle purpose to help companies utilize environmentally responsible solutions for their “end of life” IT equipment, Refurbished Computers Canada is a privately held company with a focus on the North American marketplace as well as parts of Europe and Asia. We provide valuable services to a variety of Corporate, Government, and non-profit customers.

Our company promotes a number of services which help to reduce the amount of hazardous e-waste polluting our planet’s landfills and help mitigate the risks associated with improper disposal of hazardous electronic waste.

Since recycling is a highly energy-intense activity once you add up the total amount of power required to melt equipment down into precious metals, our company first and foremost strives to promote equipment reuse as the most critical and environmentally responsible component in the “Recycling” process. Equipment which is unable to be refurbished or holds no immediate resale value will instead be sorted based on the materials contained within, and submitted to one of our recycling partners for further processing.

Our company, alongside with our strategic global partners, works to achieve proper equipment reuse by refurbishing second-hand IT equipment and making it available to individuals and organizations which otherwise may not be able to afford brand new equipment.

Businesses with an eye towards expansion benefit from our extensive client base, as the secondary market provides a broad scope of opportunities not readily available in the primary market. Not only will you save money, but your product options will increase medical marijuana card near me immensely since Refurbished Computers Canada is not limited in its selection of product manufacturers. If the equipment you are looking for is not currently listed in our site, we will find it for you.