Data Sanitization – Refurbished Computers Canada

Private and confidential data stored on computer hard drives represent the greatest legal and economic risk in the recovery process. Refurbished Computers Canada utilizes the most comprehensive and complete data cleansing techniques to ensure your business security risks are eliminated. Guaranteed.

Using our Department of Defense and HIPAA compliant data cleansing procedures, we make sure your vital data is eliminated permanently. We offer three levels of data erasure protection:

  • Data Clearing – One-pass overwrite of hard drive.
  • Data Sanitization – Three-pass overwrite of hard drive using DOD-certified 5220.22M standard procedure.
  • Data Destruction – Degaussing and sector verification to ensure drives are wiped completely

Once the cleansing process is completed, Refurbished Computers Canada will generate a Certificate of Destruction to provide proof that your critical data is gone forever.